Traffi-Co Ltd

Specialists in Detector Cutting, Civils and Traffic Management

Traffi-Co Ltd

Specialists in Detector Cutting, Civils and Traffic Management

Traffi-Co Ltd

Specialists in Detector Cutting, Civils and Traffic Management

Traffi-Co Ltd

Specialists in Detector Cutting, Civils and Traffic Management

About Us

With years of experience and a commitment to excellence, Traffi-Co has established itself as a trusted partner in ensuring the safety and efficiency of roads and transportation infrastructure. Established in 1998 to provide slotcutting services to the traffic industry, we now also offer civils, installation and traffic management teams with the experience, qualifications and expertise to match the needs of our customers. All staff are fully qualified gaining Health & Safety refresher courses, we are closely monitored by HEA and are FORS registered.

Our head office is located in Wallington, Surrey with a second office located in Knaphill, Surrey these locations are ideally situated to provide a rapid and reliable service in and around London and the home counties. We are conscious of our environmental impact and have applied measures in order to reduce our carbon foot print – since 2023, we have introduced electric vehicles as a part of our extensive fleet. We appreciate the needs of our customers, our aim is to provide competitive quotes, regular reporting of activities and “a rapid, reliable and friendly service”.

Our Services

Loop Detector Cutting

Specialists in loop detector cutting – we are compliant with National Highways Sector Scheme 8 and hold the correct accreditation. Our experienced technicians provide the expertise to install and maintain Traffic Loops, Scoot Loops, Traffic Counting Loops, Red Light Camera GATSO Loops.

Installation Services

We offer fully qualified installation teams and chargeable teams who are able to complete any project required. With expertise and experience, we are able to carry out the installation of a traffic light junction from start to finish.

MAG Installation

Another highly specialised service we offer is the removal, installation or replacement of magnetometers with the associated, expert equipment. Our staff are fully trained and experienced in order to carry out this service.

Civil Works

Our operatives are fully trained, certified and competent in a wide range of civil engineering areas. Our role in providing civil works include installation of signal poles, ducting, chambers, cable pulling, kerbing etc for traffic signalled junctions or general highway improvements including final reinstatement in blacktop/white top etc.

Traffic Management Services

We are able to provide an expansive range of Traffic Management Services including lane closures, temporary signals and stop & go. Our operatives are trained to the highest level and able to interpret and install systems from the Chapter 8 manual for all classifications of highway. All Traffic Management teams are qualified to Sector 12D.

Traffic Management Drawings

We offer the supply of traffic management drawings. These are detailed CAD drawings – designed to meet the needs of our clients and assist the completion of works.

Lamp Technicians

We have several lamp technicians able to complete a wide range of tasks from bulk lamp change to fault finding. We also carry out switch outs and restores for London and the home counties. This includes planned and emergency switch outs.

Mobile Elevated Work Platform

We are able to supply a MEWP in order to assist works and to complete specific tasks.

Traffi-co Limited

Our Head Office:

3 Central Avenue, Wallington, Surrey SM6 8NX

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